BitCrystals (BCY) stands as the official currency within the Crystal Suite ecosystem created by EverdreamSoft. It was created on Counterparty (XCP), a blockchain built on top of Bitcoin. These tokens are distributed to users as rewards for their active participation within Crystal Suite products.
BitCrystals played a pioneering role in one of the early successful ICOs in 2015. From an initial supply of 100,000,000 units, EverdreamSoft, the token issuer, retained 30%, while the remaining 70% were offered for sale during the "BitCrystals Token Sale".
Following the ICO, the unsold BCY, totaling 55,566,099, were burned. Subsequently, the supply continued to diminish due to regular burns. Each month, EverdreamSoft burned 50% of their BCY income from the sales of both blockchain and in-game assets in Spells of Genesis.
In 2019, as Ethereum gained popularity, our community requested BitCrystal’s integration on this chain. In response, 18 million BCY were burned on Counterparty and then reissued on Ethereum.
In 2023, BitCrystals underwent a significant transformation by embracing Ethereum's smart contract capabilities. This led to the introduction of liquidity providing and staking, enabling the community to earn more BitCrystals and decentralize ownership. Additionally, the Spells of Genesis DAO was established, allowing BCY holders to propose ideas and participate in decisions to enrich the Spells of Genesis universe. Visit BitCrystals​