Blockchain within Spells of Genesis

Frequently Asked Questions about Blockchain in Spells of Genesis

What is Blockchain and how does it work in Spells of Genesis?

Blockchain serves as a decentralized ledger, ensuring the secure acquisition and exchange of digital assets. In Spells of Genesis, it provides the opportunity to truly own your game assets by acquiring blockchain cards and or Blockchainize in-game cards.

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Which Blockchain does Spells of Genesis use?

Spells of Genesis is a multi-chain game which currently supports Ethereum, Counterparty (based on Bitcoin blockchain) and Klaytn.

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Are all the cards in Spells of Genesis Blockchain cards?

No, in SoG, there are primarily two categories of cards: blockchain cards and in-game cards, also known as off-chain cards.

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Where can I buy Blockchain cards?

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How to find my blockchain cards in-game?

To locate your blockchain cards within the game, you should follow these steps:

  1. Download Spells of Genesis and establish an account.

  2. Configure a blockchain wallet that is compatible with Ethereum and/or Counterparty. We suggest using Casa Tookan for mobile or Metamask for desktop.

  3. Link your Ethereum and/or Counterparty address to your Spells of Genesis game account.

Once your wallet is connected to your Spells of Genesis account, your blockchain cards stored in the wallet will become visible in the game and can be used for play. Enjoy!

Can I move my counterparty cards to Ethereum?

Currently, the Counterparty cards and the Ethereum cards operate independently, even though they represent the same in-game assets. A future feature will enable a card swap mechanism, allowing you to transfer a card from one blockchain to another.

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Which currency can be used to buy the blockchain cards?

You can acquire all Spells of Genesis blockchain cards, both Ethereum and Counterparty, by making purchases with ETH (Ethereum) or BTC (Bitcoin) on our main store page.

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