Frequently Ask Questions about Spells of Genesis Gameplay

What are the in-game currencies and how to get them?

There are three different in-game currencies: Golds, Crystals and Gems.

  • Gold: Used to buy in-game cards. Find more info about Gold

  • Crystals: Used to upgrade, fuse or blockchainize cards. Find more info about Crystals

  • Gems: Used to refill your stamina and to purchase cards with a guarantee higher rarity compared to buying them with gold. Find more info about Gems

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What are the Achievements and Daily Quests?

  • Achievements: In-game, you’ll have the possibility to complete several achievements that will lead you to special rewards.

  • Daily Quests: Each day, you’ll receive a new daily quest that could lead you to a lot of gold.

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What do I know about my Enemies?

  • The attack power and health.

  • The cooldown that will decrease by one on each turn, and when it reaches zero, the enemy will launch an attack!

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What are the different Game modes?

  • Campaigns: Complete campaigns and collect stars to unlock new ones, earn cards, gold and face thrilling Boss challenges every 5th campaign.

  • Raid: Battle players of the same rank, defeat opponent cards as enemies win gold, boost your rank and earn leaderboard points for rewards

  • Challenge: Survive waves and earn gold as you progress. Unlock this mode by completing 1 star in β€œThe Orc” campaign.

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What is the Leaderboard and how does it benefit me?

Climb the leaderboard monthly to rank among the top 1000 players, earning gold, blockchain assets and exclusive rewards based on your total gold from adventures.

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What are Spells and Boosts?

  • Spells: Certain cards come with special capabilities called "spells." These spells abilities can vary in strength and characteristics based on the card's element.

  • Boosts: In Spells of Genesis a boost is an additional power given to your opponent's attack.

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How do Spells work?

Once during each wave, the active card's spell will materialize somewhere on the battlefield. Hitting the spell with a shot will activate it.

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