How does it work?

Part 1: Blockchainize on First Oasis:

  1. Blockchain Wallet: Make sure your Ethereum and/or Counterparty (BTC) blockchain wallet is linked to your SoG account.

  2. Click on «Blockchainize»: You can start the blockchainization process by clicking the «Blockchainize» button in Spells of Genesis.

  3. First Oasis: A First Oasis address, associated with the wallet linked to your SoG account, will be generated automatically. The blockchainized card will be sent to this address.

Please note: Casa Tookan is not connected to the Klaytn chain, so your card won’t appear directly in the balance menu. To access it, click on the browse menu and open OrbExplorer. Your First Oasis wallet will then appear on this page.

  1. Check your inbox for further instructions: You’ll receive an email with comprehensive information and instructions.

You can choose to retain the card on First Oasis that will continue to be visible in the game unless you modify the wallet(s) linked to your game account.

If you decide to sell or transfer the card to another wallet, you’ll need to initiate a withdrawal to your Ethereum or Counterparty address first.

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