Casa Tookan

The Multichain Wallet
​Casa Tookan is a secure wallet for tokens and blockchain collectibles. It's non-custodian, meaning you have full control. Available as an app on Apple store and Google play store, it allows you to access your favorite DApps anywhere.
With Casa Tookan Wallet, you can check balances and transactions instantly, share your address with a QR code and set custom transaction fees. Designed for gamers and collectors, Casa Tookan Wallet offers an enhanced view of art items and collectibles.
Key features:
  • Multi-Chain: Casa Tookan currently supports BTC, ETH, ERC-20, Counterparty assets and anticipates adding more chain and tokens in the near future.
  • Dapp Browser: It also allows you to open your favorite games and other Apps requiring Web3 connection directly from your wallet.
  • Transaction History: Finally, connect to Casa Tookan to instantly see your transaction history.