Cards Withdraw

Part 2: Withdraw a card on the blockchain of your choice!

  1. Orb Explorer: Head to Orb Explorer, which you can access either directly on your desktop or through Casa Tookan via the Browse Menu. You’ll also receive an email with a direct link to your address(es) balance.

  2. First Oasis Address: Click on the First Oasis Wallet address. If you’re on desktop and using Orb Explorer, you can locate it beneath the QR code on your wallet page.

You might also need to unlock your MetalMask wallet. Simply click on «My account» in the top right corner and unlock the wallet.

Please note that to link your Casa Tookan Ethereum wallet with Metamask, you should import your private key from Casa Tookan into Metamask. Since Casa Tookan and Metamask are compatible, you can directly connect your Casa Tookan passphrase to your Metamask app and vice versa. If you already have a Metamask account, simply import your Casa Tookan ETH wallet to make the connection.

  1. Choose the card to Withdraw: From this point, you can view all the Orbs (cards) in your First Oasis wallet. To initiate a withdrawal, click on the «withdraw» button located below the Orb image.

  2. Choose the blockchain: Select the blockchain to which you wish to withdraw your card. If you have only one address linked to your account, your withdrawal will be directed there.

  3. Verification & Confirmation: Our system will verify wheter you have sufficient BCYM (BitCrystals on Klaytn) in your First Oasis wallet to cover the withdrawal transaction fees. If you don’t have enough BCYM, please follow the deposit walkthrough outlined in step 6.

  4. Deposit BCY ETH/XCP: When you lack sufficient BCYM, you’ll need to send BitCrystals (XCP or ETH) to your designated deposit address (XCP or ETH). The minimum amount to send is contingent upon the blockchain you intend to withdraw your card from. If you wish to acquire more BCYM, you can send additional BCY.

Upon our system’s reception of your sent BCY (XCP or ETH), an equivalent amount of BCYM will be credited to your First Oasis wallet.

  1. Complete the Withdraw: Once you have enough BCYM, follow these simple steps:

    • Reopen the withdrawal menu.

    • Choose your preferred blockchain (XCP or Ethereum) for receiving the card. Remember, it can only go to wallets linked to your First Oasis address.

    • Double-check the wallet address for the card delivery.

    • From now on, you’ll see all the transaction details, including the receiving address and associated fees.

    • Congratulations, your withdrawal is now in progress!

A quick reminder: Withdrawals on Counterparty and Ethereum aren’t instant, so please be patient as your card is on its way. Once the transaction is achieved, you’ll be free to send it to another player, transfer it to a different wallet, or sell it on the secondary market. Enjoy!

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