Cards Overview

Card Overview
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    SPEED: The speed of a card is shown by the green «winged» icon in the top-right corner. The higher the speed is, the faster the spells are cast against your enemies.
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    ELEMENT: There are six Elements in the game: EARTH, FIRE, WATER, LIGHT, DARKNESS, ICE.
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    ATTACK: A card’s attack represents its offensive power and, in turn, the damage it can inflict to your opponent. This strength is quantified in numerical points.
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    HEALTH: Health is the measure of a card’s defensive strength, represented by the number inside the heart icon on the card.
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    SPELL: Certain cards possess unique abilities known as «spells». These spells can differ based on the card’s element and may vary in potency. As an illustration, the card mentioned earlier features a Flame spell that inflicts 2 points of damage on the nearest enemy. You can distinguish the single target or multiple target of a spell on the number of spell icon in the image
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    SPELL EFFECT: It's the detailed effect of the spell.
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    LEVEL & RARITY: There are four cards rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. You can see at what stage of upgrade your card is by seeing how many shards of the sign are filled. In the upper exemple we have 2/4 shards filled meaning it's upgraded at the second level up to four of the card.