Name: The Healing Formula, Issuance: 11.03.2015, Circulating Supply: 300, Illustrator: Alejandro Hurtado.

The very first blockchain card (FDCARD) was released in March 2015, 5 months before the start of the ICO and 2 years before the release of Spells of Genesis. Issued in collaboration with FoldingCoin, the only way to receive one of the 300 FDCARDs was to participate in the “folding” process, during a limited period of 75 days, from March 13 to May 26, 2015.

FoldingCoin is a project compensating participants (“folders”) in the “Folding at home” program for sharing their computational power. “Folding at home” is a Stanford University’s research program, aimed at protein computing simulations, which would hopefully help to cure diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s.

FoldingCoin rewards regularly all the folders with FLDC (FoldingCoin) tokens. Both EverdreamSoft and FoldingCoin were happy to cease the opportunity of a unique collaboration, to enhance the community spirit of its participants on the FoldingCoin side, and to immortalize, in an allegorical way, an outstanding blockchain project, for EverdreamSoft.

Besides being a notable blockchain collectible, FDCARD can also be played in EverdreamSoft’s mobile trading-card game Spells of Genesis.

One of the very limited FDCARD was sold for 110 ETH (363 809,60$) on 13/01/2022. XChain: more on-chain info

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