In Spells of Genesis, the game offers two distinct card categories: blockchain cards, available on Ethereum, Counterparty, and Klaytn blockchains, and in-game cards. The blockchain cards can be acquired through the Online shop, commonly referred to as the Askian market. On the other hand, in-game cards can be obtained using in-game currencies.

To enhance your card arsenal, you can maximize in-game cards levels and fuse duplicates to create even more precious cards, and, most impressively, convert fully upgraded cards into blockchain assets securely stored in your wallet. This unique feature empowers you with true ownership and control over your digital assets. Embrace the exciting potential of blockchain technology as you level up and harness the full power of Spells of Genesis!

Please note that the blockchain cards available in the Online shop (Askian market) are unique NFTs and cannot be obtained by fusing or leveling up an in-game card to its maximum. Explore Cards

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