In the heat of battle, it is absolutely essential to be aware of the key factors that define your adversaries' capabilities:

  • Attack Power: This numerical value signifies their potential to inflict damages through physical attacks, excluding any damage stemming from spells or other sources.

  • Cooldown: Each enemy operates on a countdown timer that diminishes by one at the beginning of every turn. When this countdown reaches zero, the enemy will launch their offensive. Remember, precise timing is crucial in your tactical decisions!

Here's a valuable tip: Give priority to dealing with or incapacitating opponents with the shortest countdowns. This strategic belief can wield significant influence over the outcome of your battles, allowing you to maintain the upper hand.

For an even deeper understanding of your enemy's condition, take notice of the colored bar encircling their visual representation. This bar, which may be red, orange, or green, functions as a graphical representation of their remaining life points. By closely monitoring this indicator, you can size your progress in dismantling your adversaries and secure your triumph on the battlefield.

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