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    Primary Market
Since 2015, we have been pioneering the issuance of NFTs in the form of collectible cards designed for gameplay within our Spells of Genesis game. These cards constitute the inaugural collection of tokenized assets intended for both in-game use and player-to-player trading, thereby embodying the concept of true ownership in the digital realm.
Our card inventory is now decreasing, and this remaining quantity plays a pivotal role in our pricing and sales strategy. We release cards in batches, with each batch offered at a specific price point. Once a batch is sold out, we reevaluate and adjust the pricing accordingly. Over time, you can expect card prices to grow, except in cases where we introduce promotional events.
It's important to note that the assets available here are Counterparty assets residing on the Bitcoin blockchain. To receive these assets, you'll need a compatible wallet or address. If you want to ensure compatibility, you can download Casa Tookan, available for both Android and iOS, to effectively manage your digital assets.