Quests and achievements

Daily Quests:

Make it a daily habit to connect and play and you’ll accumulate valuable gold coins by completing Daily quests. Embrace a range of strategies to accomplish a variety of achievements and challenges. By doing so, you can’t only enhance your skills but also reap greater rewards as you progress in the game.

You’ll receive a new Daily quest each day. If you miss one, it can be stored with a maximum limit of 3 quests. However, you can’t delete quests to receive new ones. Completing these Daily quests is crucial as they yield significant amounts of gold!


Within your profile menu, which can be accessed by clicking on your username located at the top left corner of the screen, a world of exciting challenges awaits. These achievements are your gateway to some fantastic rewards that await you!

Embark on a journey that could lead you to treasures such as gems, crystals, gold, or valuable cards. The objectives vary widely, ranging from collecting a specific number of stars, fusing a particular quantity of cards, to completing a set number of quests. The possibilities for achievement are numerous, so dive into your profile menu, explore the diverse challenges, and let the pursuit of these achievements enrich your gaming experience!

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