Counterparty and XChain Dispensers

Counterparty (XCP), a chain built on top of Bitcoin, is the first blockchain used by Spells of Genesis and one of the only place to trade native historical Spells of Genesis Cards. The easiest way to trade cards is by setting up or sending fund to dispensers.

Dispensers offer a unique way to acquire an asset using crypto currency from a wallet. Think of them as the cryptocurrency equivalent of a vending machine, but with digital assets. Here's how they work:

  1. Sending Funds: To use a dispenser, you send cryptocurrency to a specified wallet which is associated with the dispenser, and it's where you make your payment.

  2. Receiving Desired Tokens or Assets: In return for your payment, you receive the token or asset you wanted. It's a straightforward transaction where you exchange your cryptocurrency for the desired digital asset.

It's important to note that dispensers are not the same as smart contracts. While both involve automated transactions, dispensers operate more like a one-time exchange, whereas smart contracts can execute a wide range of predefined actions based on conditions.

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