Deposit & Withdraw

Frequently Asked Question about Deposit and Withdraw process

What do BCY and XCP mean?

  • BCY: It means β€œBitCrystals”, which is available on 3 blockchains.

  • XCP: It is the currency used by the Counterparty blockchain, a chain built on top of Bitcoin, the first chain used by Spells of Genesis. Ethereum mainnet was not live at the time.

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What is the Withdrawal and can I withdraw on the wallet of my choice?

The Withdrawal is the process of transferring your blockchainized cards from your custodial First Oasis wallet to a wallet you own (ie. a wallet you control by knowing the private key). Once a card is blockchainized within the game or when you received your cards trough your ChainChronicles subscription, it's stored in your First Oasis address. You can then choose to withdraw your card to either an Ethereum or Counterparty address.

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Do I need BCY or BCYETH based on the chain I choose to withdraw my card on?

It is not obligatory to use BCY from the specific chain you intend to withdraw your card to. For instance, you can use BCY from Counterparty to facilitate a withdrawal on the Ethereum chain, and vice versa.

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