Allegories about blockchain event and within blockchain sphere

Spells of Genesis cards were meticulously crafted to serve as a testament to the transformative shift in digital ownership ushered in by Bitcoin and blockchain technology. As a result, the majority of these cards were designed to depict significant blockchain events and pioneering projects that have shaped the contemporary blockchain landscape.


In Spells of Genesis, the allegorical world of Askian symbolizes the blockchain sphere, nestled within the broader Moonga landscape, which in turn represents traditional finance. Here, Emperor Daryen of Sayosia embodies government and central bank regulators.

During the genesis era of Askian, the region's pursuits went unnoticed, akin to the early blockchain landscape, which received little attention from regulators and traditional finance. However, as valuable treasures were unearthed, Daryen's desire for a share led him to cast a watchful eye over the Valley. This allegory mirrors the historical trajectory where, in the past, regulators and traditional finance overlooked the burgeoning blockchain sector. But as cryptocurrencies gained significant value, they sought to impose regulations and taxes.

Askian's struggle for autonomy reflects the broader narrative of the blockchain realm and decentralization, which aim to remain free from the influence of centralized entities.

The initial collectible in the collection was the FDCARD, symbolizing the Foldingcoin project. Foldingcoin's mission centered around distributing tokens to participants who contributed their computing power to aid in disease research. In the image, the character discovers a stone, which metaphorically represents the outcome of these computational calculations dedicated to finding cures.

The Satoshicard serves as a symbolic representation of Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin. The character depicted on the card is a faceless sorcerer, mirroring the mystery surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto's true identity. This illustration reflects the concept of Satoshi Nakamoto as the cryptic figure responsible for conceiving the Bitcoin protocol, represented by the blockchain blocks creation between his hands.


Dragons in Spells of Genesis play a vital role as the guardians of treasures within the game's lore. This is why they are often depicted reclining atop these precious hoards, symbolizing their protective and watchful presence over the valuable assets they safeguard. In the featured card BTCDRAGONCD, the jewelry adorning the dragon's necklace represents the blockchain public address of a cryptocurrency wallet where funds are sent.

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