Frequently Asked Questions about Spells of Genesis Cards

What do the different symbols on each card mean?

Each card holds specific information regarding its actions, strength, speed, elemental affinity, and more.

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How to upgrade and fuse my cards?

  • Upgrading: Cards come with a designated number of levels, and you can enhance them by advancing to higher levels using crystals, one of the in-game currencies.

  • Fusing: If you have two identical cards, both upgraded to their highest level, you can fuse them to obtain a new, stronger card.

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The number of evolutions a card can undergo depends on its rarity. Common cards offer 3 evolutions, Rare cards provide 4 evolutions, Epic cards grant 5 evolutions and Legendary cards offer 6 evolutions.

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What are the different types of cards?

  • In-game Cards are cards receive within the Spells of Genesis game. When you evolve it to the max stage you can then Blockchainize them. Visit the in-game store to purchase those ones. You can select either individual cards or card packs.

  • Blockchain Cards are tokenised assets minted on a Blockchain protocols like Ethereum or Counterparty. Spells of Genesis possess an ever-expanding collection of over 300 blockchain NFT cards. Explore and acquire them on our online marketplace, The Spells of Genesis Market.

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