Lore & Allegories

Enter the enchanting land of Spells of Genesis, set in the heroic world of Moonga. Explore the Askian Valley, where the noble people face the oppressive rule of Emperor Daryen, hungry for wealth.
It's not just a game; it's your chance to be a hero. Join the fight, defend Askian's wealth, and become a legend. The fate of Moonga depends on your actions. Let your saga begin! Spells of Genesis is also a captivating allegory that mirrors the clash between traditional finance and the innovative WEB3 ecosystem. Askian represents hope and resistance against the old ways, while Daryen's empire symbolizes centralized, oppressive financial institutions.
In this allegory, each Askian tribe and guild embodies the spirit of various WEB3 projects. As you venture into this world, you become a part of the resistance, fighting for a decentralized future.
Join the battle and shape a brighter future. Change is on the horizon -seize your opportunity. Discover the World of Moonga!​