The monthly digital treasure and the only way to get the new SoG Cards
In 2015, EverdreamSoft instigated the creation of the first collection of tokenized cards, now commonly known as NFTs, for use in our mobile game, Spells of Genesis (SoG). These NFTs were designed to symbolize significant moments in blockchain history, embracing the enduring nature of Bitcoin's technology. Many of these cards are hailed as some of the very first NFT representations of established protocols and blockchains, including Ethereum and Dogecoin.
After a brief pause in card creation, it's time to revitalize this epic journey with the launch of ChainChronicles, our monthly offering of unique cards inspired by essential events in the blockchain world and much more...
If you seek true uniqueness, your quest ends here with ChainChronicles. Every month, you'll receive a new SoG card commemorating blockchain events you won't find anywhere else. Subscribing unlocks the exclusive opportunity to collect these new cards and complete your collections. Beyond the SoG card, you'll also receive specially crafted artwork exclusively for this subscription, vintage NFTs from various collections, and in-game advantages.
The subscription model guarantees a continuous influx of new and captivating items to enhance your collection. Each month, you’ll receive both fresh digital art and vintage pieces, ensuring you always have something unique to showcase. Our artists are chosen for their creativity, making your collection truly distinctive.
ChainChronicles offers three packs: Essential Pack, Curator Pack and OG Pack.Whether you’re a novice in NFT collecting or an experienced OG collector, we offer flexible options to suit your needs!
Elevate your NFT collection and immerse yourself in the blockchain revolution like never before. Subscribe today to access a world of extraordinary digital wealthes!